DIY Mosaic Peacock Diamond Cross Stitch Painting

NOTE: This painting requires your handwork to be finished. Do not buy if you do not love to do it (it's easy & joyful :))


Size 1: 54 x 32 cm (39 colors)

Size 2: 74 x 42 cm (40 colors)

Size 3: 96 x 52 cm (45 colors)

Size 4: 113 x 62 cm (36 colors)

Size 5: 130 x 70 cm (36 colors)

Size 6: 150 x 80 cm (36 colors)

MATERIAL: Resin, rhinestone


  • The beautiful peacock painting is designed in mosaic cross stitch style with extreme layers of colors.
  • Enjoy the fun challenge of filling the 2.8mm 3D Rubik round rhinestones to finish the picture.
  • The package includes a kit set: printed HD canvas, rhinestones, tools including tweezers, pick-up tools
  • The number of colors is 30-45 depending on each size.
  • The set is filled with 30% extra of rhinestones to make sure you have enough stones for your painting.
  • The item is a perfect decoration for bedroom, living room or office.
  • Guaranteed safe & secure checkout via Paypal, Visa, Mastercard & Amex.
  • 30-day Money-Back Guarantee.
  • Please allow 2-4 weeks for delivery (sometimes sooner).


  1. Refer to the comparison table on the canvas to identify each diamond number and the corresponding printed number on the canvas.
  2. Insert the round end of the dotting pen into the dotting cement (push hard to keep the cement in place).
  3. Use the round end of the pen to stick a diamond and slightly press down to remove any extra cement.
  4. Tear apart the partial film and place the diamond on the canvas according to the corresponding number.
  5. If you stick a diamond to a wrong area on the painting, remove the diamond with tweezers.
  6. After finishing, slightly press down the diamonds with your hand or a book to ensure that the diamonds are firmly attached.

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