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Multi-functional Washing Gloves

Green (1 Right Hand Glove)
Pink (1 Right Hand Glove)
Green (1 Pair)
Pink (1 Pair)

DIMENSIONS: 30.5 * 16 cm (12 * 6.2 inch)

MATERIAL: Silicone


  • A one-size-fits-all soft, strong and highly flexible glove for multi-functional cleaning tasks in your house.
  • You can use the glove to clean the dishes, your bathroom, your pet or even your car.
  • It is convenient and simple to use, durable and it combines the function of scrubbers and rubber gloves.
  • The glove provides extra bubble and strong friction to clean your items faster and easier.
  • The product maintains excellent elasticity and resilience, it can be used semi-permanently without being torn easily.
  • The product is also heat resistant, can be used in boiling water or microwave (2 minutes).
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