Skyline Christmas Tree Decoration Hanging Ornament Set

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Trendysweety is proud to provide the exquisite Skyline Christmas ornaments to complement almost any age, gender or occupation with the perfect ornament! The nowhere to be found ornament set is specifically printed with 19 different pictures from different generations of Skyline. Crafted from durable yet stylish MDF wood, the item is in shape of a Skyline car and expertly printed with the latest printing technology. Add the final touch to your holiday with these Christmas tree ornaments. Make your holiday memories last longer and more special this year with a little inspiration of your beloved Skyline

  • One set includes 19 different pieces of ornaments from different Generations of SkylineThe ornament pieces are printed on one side, the other side is left blank (white painted)

DIMENSION: Length (approx.) 13cm  (5 inch)



  • Orders are shipped within 3 days and will arrive after 5-10 business days in the US and 10-20 business days in the rest of the world.